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Bitten – The Series Begins

Never let it be said I passed up the opportunity to milk something for all it’s worth. Yes, i can be cruel, even sadistic on occasion. – Elena Michaels, Bitten

I love this book. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve read and re-read it. I really enjoy seeing Elena in all her stubborn glory! As I re-read Bitten again this month (with no skipping mind you 😉 ) I once again got sucked into Kelley’s world of werewolves and meeting them all again for the first time.

I can’t stop watching Elena and Clay and laughing. Knowing that this pair grow into such a meaningful fun couple makes me smile. One of my favorite parts is when Clay and Cain are fighting, making Elena turn away at the sight of Clay getting bloodied. Her constant denial is so much fun because Clay and I both know that she loves him. I truly do think that Elena is the only thing Clay has ever waited for, begged for and I love seeing them together in the end.

One reason I fell in love with Kelley’s books is that she has a great mix of plot and sex. Sex is alway fun in a book but a good plot is necessary to keep me intrigued. I like that Kelley has never shied away from  details in her novel, deciding again the “cut to black”.  I also like that her sex is real, no condoms or soft sheets. In Bitten the sex is rough, and for some out there that’s the way they like it, but it’s also full of emotion love or fear. That connection to life in the most basic way.

What a great way to get someones attention – start leaving half eaten bodies out for discovery. I love the two kinds of wolves that Kelley creates with her Pack vs the Mutts. And I love that it’s wolf against wolf, not wolf against human or vampire. All races right amongst themselves, why should werewolves be any different 🙂

I like to think of myself as Kelley’s Elena mixed with Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan….and re-reading Bitten has only made me think that more 🙂