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Before you say no, let me give you some information. – Michael, my husband

 Most people, when their significant other says “We have roaches” you call the exterminator or run to the closest dollar store and buy a can a Raid. You picture 


running along the walls and hiding in the cabinets.

We don’t have your typical house cockroach, we have Dubia Roaches and they’re a little bit bigger.

THIS (close to actual size)  is what lives in my house…okay they’re actually in a tote in my house.

Our roaches are feeder roaches for our reptiles and are quickly becoming more popular than crickets for many reptile enthusiests, providing more protein per meal. They are also much easier to breed and maintain.  Dubia roaches give live birth, unlike cricket, so there is no hopping the material you provided for eggs is kept at the right temperature.  Plus, the don’t have that gross cricket stink. 😛

Their maintanience and care is also fairly low. We, like others, keep ours in a medium sized tote. The tote contains 4 egg crates for the roaches to hide and climb on so they aren’t stomping all over each other on the bottom, and three jar lids holding high protein ground up cat food and water gel. When it comes time to change the egg crating, usually only every few months, you simply shake them into the tote off of the old and put in new. They spend most of their time on the on the egg crating or in the jar lids so the bottom doesn’t become too much of a mess. Did I mention they don’t stink like crickets?

Dubia roaches are tropical roaches so need to be kept warm. They can survive at a minimum temperature of 68 degrees. They prefer to be kept between 85 to 95 degrees. This means that unless you keep your house hot, they won’t live long outside of their container. We keep black light above a hole we cut into the lid and a hot-pad under the tote and have a temperature gage inside the tote to make sure we’re maintaining the proper temperatures, and with Michael being half polar bear, our house is rarely above 65. It also helps that they can not climb glass or smooth plastic, meaning they’re not getting out unless you drop one while feeding your reptiles.

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Dubia roaches are live bearing roaches and the males are easily discernible from the females. While it can take time for your colony to get established, once it is, you have a constant flow from baby to adult and a wide range to feed your various sized reptiles. Our turtle love the big males which helps keep down the male population of the colony, keeping the males from becoming too many who take up more space and eat a lot of the food.

So, not all roaches are bad. Or maybe I’m just used to my husband asking me about having strange animals in the house. 😀 Though I do have to admit, I still can’t bring myself to pick up one of the big ones *shivers* I just can’t take the feel of them crawling on me! 🙂