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It’s all in the details…

As a new writer, I’m learning that this shit ain’t so easy lol You have an idea, you want to write it out, you think it would be good – you’d read it. But then you sit down and you start to write and they hit you, the questions: Who, what, when, where, why, and for God’s sake HOW!

I can’t tell you how many times in my short amount of writing time I’ve asked myself these stupid annoying little questions. It really does amaze me how genuine authors do it. I think back to the books I’ve read, the weaving and the twisting, and find myself thinking…nothing. Why? Well, what can I say, I’m in shock at their ability to do it so well 🙂

The more questions I ask, the more answers I get that only lead to more questions  – Would he do that or would she? Should she meet him here or there? He wouldn’t say that would he? Couldn’t that wait till later? How the hell am I going to get her there, and why is there cheese!

There is however a good side to all these pesky questions. Little by little, I’m getting to know the voices that live in my head and talk to me through out the day. As I listen to their answers, telling me what they would do, where they would go, and how they would get there, I’m learning the ins and outs of their personalities, qualities, and mannerisms that I hope to someday show the world by using words on a page.