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Where does the time go?

Man! I just start this thing and I’m already behind haha but really where do the weeks go? I work, I read, clean and write and before I know it – BAM! – it’s Friday and I haven’t posted on my blog again. *rolls eyes* ah well, we can’t all be perfect like Miss Mary Poppins 🙂

Time management is lost to me when I’m home. I sit down at my computer and before I know it, it’s 8 o’clock and I have everything still to do and boys to check up on. Did you  take your shower yet – No. What do you want for dinner – Um…

How is it that it moves so quickly one minute then so slowly the next? I don’t get this. I can even find myself busy and then shocked at how little time has passed. Or slow and think “wow, really? it’s already 2? but today was so boring.”

Like I said, work is different for me and my time management. I have a job, I get it done before I go home. Nothing is left unfinished but home? There are just so many things I want to do that I can’t fit them all into an evening that consists of 5 hrs at the most, no matter how hard I try. You’d think I’d learn 🙂 but here I am, writing a blog at 10:54 – 4/20 thinking “HEY! It’s still Friday where I live.”

Michael has made suggestion on spreading out housework and still getting my “me” time in, like setting an alarm to go off every hour reminding me to get up, do a few things then come back and set it again. It works really well, when I remember to do it 😛

Anyway, this week’s been filled with squirels and broken wrists. BUT this week I’m posting damn it! even if it’s just randomness from my mad mind.

Hope you all are handling your time well!

Just a Friendly Reminder

This past few weeks I’ve been struggling. I’ve never tried to write a novel before and just kind of started on a whim. I wrote my first draft of the first chapter and posted it to my first ever Online Writing Group. It got good reviews and I got lots of good suggestions and critiques. I kept writing and wrote up to four chapters. Then on a drive out of town, discussing my ideas with Michael, I decided to do a revamp. I like the revamp idea, however, ever since going back to my chapter 1 to start over, I’ve been stuck. Writing and rewriting the same damn chapter over and over to the point where I just look at scrivener and cringe. So, I did a little rant to my group about my frustrations of trying to meet a word count, my strange phobia of posting things out of order to the group, and how I didn’t feel I could move on till I got that stupid chapter one perfect, but I didn’t want to look at it anymore. I got a lot of great advice which I wanted to share, for any other newbies out there who just don’t know what direction to go and as a reminder to those who do 🙂

  1. Write bits/scenes as they come and worry about fitting them in order and together when the time comes.
  2.  F*** perfect writing. Get the idea out. If you delete everything you have nothing to work with or fix.
  3. Use the index cards on your scrivener. Do a basic plot of the conflicts you want your characters to get through in your story.
  4. Try writing at the same time every day.
  5. Set a goal and try and meet it everyday.
  6.  It’s hard — if not impossible — to make it perfect, and the more you rewrite it, the more you want to rewrite it. My advice is to move on, continue writing C2 and C3 and keep going. You can always go back and do rewrites later
  7. Forget about the word count. A chapter can have three words or three thousand words, if it fits the story. As long as it feels natural to stop at that place, stop there.
  8. If you sit down and can’t figure out what to write. Just have something crazy happen to your characters.
  9. Treat your novel much like you would during Nanowrimo. Just get that first draft down, take all the ideas and notes swimming in your head and put them to the page, no matter how crappy the writing is.
  10. Also NaNoWriMo is fabulous practice for “sit butt in chair and write”.
  11. Podcasts, writing programs, and books on writing can help so it never hurts to try stuff like that.
  12. It’s not good to think too much, especially when we are just starting on our manuscript. Forget about dos and don’ts and just write.
  13. Keep it fun!

Some of these things already knew but I still let them get in the way until I had it pointed out to me that that’s what I was doing. I even gave some similar advice to a friend, only to have her turn around and give it right back. It’s funny how we don’t always listen to ourselves.  – so I give props to all my fellow Misfits out there. Where would we all be with out others to encourage us when we’re down and kick us  when we’re being ridiculous and should know better 🙂

I have a busy life, like so many others, and finding time to do what I want to do is hard but it’s also important to me that I make time for myself. It helps keep me sane and right now, what I want to do is write. So, I’ve done rearranging of my schedule, and am going back to the way I was writing before – JUST WRITING! and seeing where it takes me. It’s my minds adventure, time I let it run its course 🙂

Reptiles and sugar gliders and carnivorous plants, OH MY!

So, since I’m still introducing myself to the world of blogging topics, I want to introduce The Jungle. Not only do I have 4 boxers and a cat, but this house holds many more surprises inside. Okay, it’s not really a jungle per say but that’s how I think of it. This is just a quick rundown , a small glimpse through a crack in the fence .  I’ll save the pics for later 😉

The Jungle I call a house has many animals and plant plus other living things to keep the more important living things alive. And I’m not just talking about crickets. That’s right, for any other reptile owners out there, we have roaches. Not your average EW GROSS! roaches but tropical  Dubia roaches. I’ll get to that later.

We have your typical bearded dragon. And an Iguana, which require more work than people realize and shouldn’t be purchased for children or teens as pets but again, another topic for another day. My husband still rescues abused Iguana, it’s a sensitive subject. We have crested geckos, which at one point were thought to be extinct, and we have the babies ours produced. We have Panther Chameleons and Leachianus Geckos, the largest geckos on earth reaching up to 15 inches in length for certain types. The leachie’s are almost old enough to breed. In the past we’ve owned a Savannah monitor that was 3 feet long we dontated to a real zoo and a  Mali Uromastyx that met an unfortunate end.  We’ve had Satanic Leaftailed geckos, Veiled Chameleons, and gave a poor water dragon that had been living in a 20 gallon tank with no water a full tank with lots of room to swim until he died, unable to recover from the damage already done.

We have 3 sugar gliders, though at one point we had 15. Another animal people think is easy to keep only to find out differently after purchase. That’s where we come in.

Along with our animal rescues,  my husband keeps and grows carnivorous plants. Let me tell you we don’t worry about flies in the house during the summer! He has all types out there like Butterworts, Cephalitis, Nepenthes, and Sundew. But the one you’ve all probably heard of is the Venus Fly Trap. Yep, we have those too. Not to mention the two HUGE ficus and schefflera trees we have in the living room. Michael, the hubby, is currently in school hoping to go into botany, but he’s also been offered the possibility of running the greenhouse that the school is looking to purchase. Let me tell you, even though he’s just now going to school, my man knows his stuff.

So, that is my jungle in a nutshell. I can’t tell you how glad I am to have married a man who love animals as much as I do and strives to better himself and other about them. I do my part, his assistant if you will.  I look forward to introducing and informing you about them all, one species at a time 🙂

A confused mixture

My mass of hodgepodge has begun. I’m about to embark on a journey to which there is no end in site. I’m lost and confuse but will muddle through. I’m happy. I’m scared. What will does the future of this blog hold for me? Only time will tell.

I’m a married movie lover, book reader, game player, and rainbow obsessed. I’m an assistant keeper to reptiles and carnivorous plant waterer. I’m the taxicab, the DD, and the errand runner. I’m the house keeper. I started writing for fun, just to add one more thing to the mix. Oh, and I work full time.

So here’s to the future of my house of hodgepodge. Salud.