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Small Goals

So, here I am, once again shocked that it’s Friday.  How does the week fly by so damn fast! But that was discussed couple weeks ago hehe

Last month a friend asked me to join her in a challenge – a personal challenge – to get ourselves writing, bust out the words without worry of any details and content. Just get words on the page.

I set a goal for myself. When she first asked me to join her, I thought 650 words a day would be a good challenge. I work full time, five days a week. I have step sons and homework to deal with, dinner to make, a house to clean. Hell, at that time, I barely had time to sit and write like I wanted. Then, for my birthday, my mother gave me an awesome gift: her notebook laptop.

With this awesome little thing in my possession, its lime green slime cover making me smile, I sat down and thought about what I could really do. I could average more words if I really wanted to push.  And I did. My goal for Mayhem is 31,000 words, 1k a day, just shy of the 1667 needed for NaNoWrMo. Not much to some I’m sure, but  I’m happy to say that although today is only day three, I’m well a head of schedule with 5k under my belt.

I know that doesn’t sound like much, but to me its thrilling. Knowing I can do that makes me want to do more. The more the story flows out, the more I see clearly, the more I think about where things could go. As I write my first draft, I’m keeping notes and discussing possibilities to be considered when it’s finished. No going back, no editing.

I finally understand the importance of “put ass in chair and write” and it’s a wonderful feeling 🙂