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Beware of Boxers

 “Boxers are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.”

– Animal Plant, Dogs 101

I never liked dogs. In fact, I despised them, feared them.  I didn’t even pet the ones my friends owned which of course made them want to be around me all the more. Then, I met my husband. Shortly after moving in together, he started talking about getting a dog. But not just any dog. He wanted a Boxer. He swore I would love a Boxer, having owned a couple before we’d met. I wasn’t so sure.

Two weeks before Christmas, we drove 30 minutes to buy one of two puppies the seller had left. Looking at the two 5 month old females romping around the pen, my husband chose the one with the small white spot on the back of her neck. Maggie, my clearance puppy. The one who started it all.

On the way home, with Maggie in the back seat, we stopped at Petsmart to buy her a collar and leash.  My husband ended up carrying her out, collar on, leash attached. It took one week till she willingly got of the couch. Two weeks to get the courage to climb the stairs to our bedroom, but mere seconds for her to jump onto the bed. Potty training with Maggie was not what I’d call a fun experience but that’s a story for another day.

A month after Maggie’s arrival home, my husband calls me and said words I’d already come to know well, “I’m bringing something home for you.” I only needed to know one thing, “Is it living?”. Baby joined our family that night.

My husband had owned Baby once before but one day an ex gave her away while he was at work. Her current owners saw my husband, knowing that she’d been his once before, and asked if he wanted her back. They were moving and unable to keep her. How could he resist. And Baby made 2.

Many years later, hubby and I, deciding Maggie was simply too cute not to have puppies, we bread her with another Boxer. The plan was to keep the one that looked the most like Maggie, be it male or female though we both hoped for  a girl. Nine weeks later, Maggie gave birth to three beautiful boys. Of which we kept two. That’s right. Two.

 My boys, Puss(fawn) and Paulie(brindle). Yes, Puss. Both named after Soprano’s characters, Big Pussy and Paulie Walnuts were born in a birthing box we built from scratch. Puss first, Paulie last, they were fat little sausages. Maggie was an excellent mommy. They’ll be 5 March 31st.

So, Puss & Paulie make four. Four Boxers, ranging in weight from 55 to 91 lbs, wearing out sofas left and right, sliding on linoleum, and eating 100 lbs of food a month. Owning four dogs is an adventure, one I never thought I’d have. Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Okay, that’s not true. I still want a Mastiff 😀


Comments on: "Beware of Boxers" (21)

  1. Aw! They look so gorgeous!

  2. My mom had a boxer as a child and loved him dearly. Although she became more of a cat person as an adult, she’s still had a few dogs in the house over the many years.

  3. Wow! They are beautiful! We have 2 dogs, and 2 cats. I love them. We’ve always had dogs growing up, but big dogs still scare me after an unfortunate encounter with one. I’m a small dog lover, and just an animal lover in general. They become like your children, don’t they? Thanks for sharing your story. It was great to read! 🙂

  4. My Dad had a boxer, Skipper, as a boy and he used to walk him everywhere. (He lived in Margate.) Part of the problem is that he (my Dad) worked out that if he put rollerskates on he could do everything faster and utilise Skip to take him home (uphill.) During the summer it was a regular sight to see my Dad and his dog on the promenade and the Italian Icecream seller would give my Dad a cone and one for the dog. After all theres nothing sells icecream like a boxer enthusiastically chomping his way through it with relish and then licking his jowls for ages after. LOL

    Great to hear how much fun you have with them and one of the reasons I won’t let my other half have an unneutered female kitty is the fact that I can see how easy it would be to keep all the babies they have.

    • lol that is so cute! I’m sure my Paulie could do that, he’s the 91lb-er. but of all my dogs, he’s the laziest one and thinks he’s a lap dog 🙂

      We got Maggie spayed a year later and the boy are already neutered. Baby is also spayed so no more puppies for us. Just too tempting to keep them!

  5. I love that your husband took his dog back – now this is such a cruel thing to do to someone, you come back home and your dog is gone. Wow. Great inspiration for a mean character in a story, eh?

    I love dogs!!! You’re so lucky to have 5!

    • yeah, they were nearing the end of their relationship when she did it. He said he couldn’t believe she’d just given them away. He never saw his other dog after that 😦

      Currently, it’s four (the Mastiff is a future goal) but we did have 5 at one time. We received a little Boston Terrier, Gracie, that was in really bad shape. We later gave her to hubby’s best friend when they finished building their house. She is so spoiled by them 🙂

  6. Beautiful dogs.I’d like to have one at some point, I grew up around them (not in a raised up by wolves in the wild kinda way). One day my wife will agree, but she wants to wait until our children are older.

  7. Very cute photos, especially Baby(?) with the ears sticking up…

    It sounds like they bring you and your husband great joy, despite eating you out of house and home… I’m glad you managed to rescue one of your husband’s old dogs.

    I hope they all still get along when you get your new addition.

    • Thanks 🙂 believe it or not her ears have never been cropped. my husband found her as a stray originally and our vet believes she is a mix because of her ears. Her nickname is Batman 🙂

  8. Sooooo adorable 😀 Your story and the dogs lol!

    I grew up with our family owning a dog, a giant schnauzer, as well as cats so I have a soft spot for both the feline and canine families 🙂

    • I only had cats growing up. I still like them but love how dogs are willing to do what you want be it cuddle or play. what’s that saying? dogs have masters, cats have servants 😉

  9. Yeah so I totally, have always wanted a boxer but alas have reached my animal limit with this home. though in a year or so I will be persuing the use of my Veterans loan to build a new bigger and lovelier home and with such I am sure shall come more cats, more dogs.

  10. I love boxers! Very cute!

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