Welcome to Hardwick House

A confused mixture

My mass of hodgepodge has begun. I’m about to embark on a journey to which there is no end in site. I’m lost and confuse but will muddle through. I’m happy. I’m scared. What will does the future of this blog hold for me? Only time will tell.

I’m a married movie lover, book reader, game player, and rainbow obsessed. I’m an assistant keeper to reptiles and carnivorous plant waterer. I’m the taxicab, the DD, and the errand runner. I’m the house keeper. I started writing for fun, just to add one more thing to the mix. Oh, and I work full time.

So here’s to the future of my house of hodgepodge. Salud.


Comments on: "A confused mixture" (3)

  1. well then the bear is here to lend a hand..um well paw. Your blog looks fantastic alot better than mine actually lol so you aren’t that confused.

    One lesson I was told is don’t worry about the numbers keep posting, and writing and the number will come because the bigger your archive the more things people have to find out about you.

  2. Hello ER! I’ve recently picked up blogging again. I started one awhile ago, then lost focus. But I’m back…maybe we can partake in an adventure together?

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